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How to make margarine at home



  • Unrefined Coconut Oil 30g
  • Bowl of ice
  • Organic Cold Press Olive Oil or (Organic Cold Press Sunflower Oil)  45ml
  • Egg Yolk  10ml
  • Milk  10ml
  • Salt 2.5ml
  • Lemon juice 2.5ml
  • Optional: 1 drop of yellow food colouring


  1. In a plastic container, heat coconut oil in a microwave until melted.
  2.  Sit container on a bowl of ice, then pour olive oil into the coconut oil. Mix with an electric stick blender until emulsified or combined into a smooth milky mixture for 60 seconds.
  3.  Then add egg yolk, milk, salt, lemon juice and blend mixture again until a smooth consistency.
  4. Pour into a container and store in fridge to set.